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Kalieth and Tasla

Chapter 1 - Of Love and the Moon Mother

© Copyrighted by Furryhart 09/02/2014 ©

Warning: This story contains content of a mature nature!

I am Tasla, an eighteen year old female wild dog morph of the wild savanna plains of Narda. I have ruddy brown fur, reddish brown eyes, small rounded black furred ears and a short sleek black haired main. I have a short rounded black furred muzzle, with a thick black nose and soft black lips. I have small dexterous black furred hands, small black furred feet and a short thick furred tail, tipped with black. I am lean, slender and very agile, standing five feet tall from the top of my sleek black mane to my small soft black furred feet. Because of the extreme heat of the savanna day, I wear mostly a light leather top and a light leather loin cloth that hangs down to just above my knees. They only modestly cover my soft furry body, but allows me to move quick and agile in this wild and savage land. I travel light, carrying only a small curved short sword, a hunting knife, a light throwing spear and a short bow and a quiver of arrows. I also carry two water skins and on my back, I wear a small backpack, that holds a few things that I need out here to survive and what food I can find and carry with me, in it.

I have traveled the plains alone, for over two seasons, after a falling out with my clan, over what a female, like me, can and can‘t do. I decided to show them all and after openly disputing our laws right in front of the entire clan and the elders, I then angrily left our little village for good and never looked back. I learned very quickly to survive, depending on my wits and my skills with the sword, knife, bow and spear. When I need food, I hunt during the day, remaining still in the tall savanna grass and moving slowly and stealthily up on my chosen prey, until I was close enough to throw my light spear or shoot my bow at them. I had become, over time, a very good hunter, even though my old clan said I could never be one, because I was just a female. They also said, I would never make it out here, on my own in the wild and would come crawling back to them. However, out here on my own, I found out that no one can tell me what I can do and what I can’t do, except me. I also quickly learned, out here in the wild, that my very life depended on, what I can do and must do to survive, or I would soon perish.

Sometimes however, I find myself feeling all alone out here, as there are very few decent people that actually travel through the wild savanna plains of Narda. Those that did were usually cut throats, thieves, slavers or worse and couldn’t be trusted, so I never approach travelers, for fear of their intentions. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I had recently began finding strange tracks in the dirt of a kind unfamiliar to me. I would sometimes catch a glimpse of them, in the distance, moving in large groups of ten or more. From what I could see, they were riders of some kind dressed, in white robes and riding a strange two legged beast, that I had never seen before. I stayed out of their sight, as best I could and so far they hadn’t gotten close enough to discover me yet. Then one evening, while looking for a place to camp for the night, I heard the sounds of a terrible battle in the distance, to the south east of where I was. I kept myself hidden amongst the tall grass, listening to it warily, until it had finally ended.

As the sun went down and the bright stars overhead came out, a full moon rose slowly, over the now cool savanna plains. Silence once more return and I then decided to have a look, at where the battle had taken place, to see if there was anything dropped, perhaps, during the battle, that I could make use of. I moved quietly and cautiously in that direction, soon discovered a large outcrop of rock that I had passed by many times before. Not far from it, I discovered a large, badly wounded wolf mount, barely alive and I almost killed it for food. But then, when I was about to strike, it stirred and looked right up at me, with the most beautiful blue gray eyes that I had ever seen before and they glinted brightly in the moonlight. I stayed my blade and began feeling pity for it, kneeling down beside it. I then looked its thick furred body over, thoroughly and discovered that it was a male and he had several horribly deep wounds, that were bleeding profusely, but not mortal. I mended his wounds closed, as best I could, with a bone needle and some crude thread that I carried with me in my pack. I then gave him some of my water, to drink and made him as comfortable, as I could, for the night. That’s when I thought I heard him say “T…Thank… you.” in a weak, but gruff sounding voice.

I gasped and looked at him in amazement and then shook my head, deciding I had just imagined it. He smiled at me, closing his eyes and falling asleep and I found myself huddling close to him for warmth. The next day, I helped him move shakily over to the outcrop of rocks, for shade and protection under it. Over the next few weeks, I tended to him as best I could with what I had, while he slept soundly. I hunted during the day, to find us some food and water and then would tend to him at night, getting what sleep I could, when I could. Then one night, I was skinning a senar buck that I had just brought down that evening, when he awoke. He rolled over onto his stomach, watching at me, with mild amusement and I got up quickly and knelt beside him, checking his wounds. He looked up at me, while I tended to him and said “For a female… you are quite a good hunter and provider for me. You have also been kind and gently to me… taking care of me, beyond anything I deserve.”

I gasped again, as I realized that I had heard him speak a few weeks ago and said “I… I just could not stand there and watch you die.” He cocked his head and said “Why not… if I had found you like that, I would have just finished you off and made you my next meal.” and he looked at me strangely. I gulped and said “B… because I just couldn’t bring myself to kill you, when you looked up at me, although I had thought about killing you, at first.” and I lowered my head in shame. He sat there for a moment in thought and then said “That was a sign of weakness, you know and it could have cost you your life, out here in the wild… but your kindness to me, has also provided you with a new ally this very night… so that makes up for it, I guess. I have learned something new this very night… and that is always good.”

I smiled and said “So what do I call you, my big strong new ally?” He stood up, standing about four feet tall, from his broad strong thick furred shoulders to his thick clawed, furred paws and over seven feet long, from nose to tail tip. He bowed, just a bit shakily and said “I am called Kalieth and I am a Hestari war wolf, or was, before my rider and I fell in battle… and now… I am nothing.” He then looked down and said “He was dragged off dead, by the scavengers for food and I was left for dead in the hot searing sun, just out of reach of the shelter of the rocks.” He closed his eyes and a tear rolled down his soft furred cheek. I came up to him, putting my arms around him, to comfort him, saying “Well, I’m Tasla, you’re small new ally and also your friend, if you wish me to be.” He looked up at me and said “Friend? It sounds nice, but what does it mean?” I looked at him in his beautiful blue gray eyes and said “It means that we travel together and help one another survive and we care for one another, as I have cared for you these past several weeks.”

He smiled and said “That sounds more like a mate to me.” and he cocked his head and smiled broadly at me. I blushed and said nervously “I… I guess you could look at it like that… IF… we were of the same race… but we are not, of course.” I got up, feeling a bit anxious and went back to skinning the senar buck, trying to avoid his gaze, as he watched me, curiously. Later that night, he got up, stepping out from under the rock and looked up at the full moon. He then began to howl, loudly and mournfully at it. The sound of it brought tears to my eyes, as I somehow realized it was a lament for his fallen rider. I walked up to him, warm tears flowing down my furred cheeks and placed a hand on his powerful shoulders, looking up at the moon with him. We then stood there, side by side, in silence a long time afterwards and then he finally said solemnly “I think, I know what you mean now, by friend, as I can tell you are now sharing my pain and my loss with me, as if it were your own.”

He turned his big furred head and looked at me warmly, saying “I am your friend, now and forever Tasla.” I knelt down, in front of him and hugged him, nuzzling into him and said “And I am yours forever and always too.” I then got up, wiping the tears from my eyes, saying “Well I’d better finish that buck, or we will be starving together, as friends.“, and I went back and finished preparing the buck. After skinning it and cutting it up, I brought him some of the raw meat and sat down by him and ate some of it myself, enjoying the sweet taste of it‘s flesh. He stared at me, as he ate, making me feel a bit uncomfortable and I finally ask him “Why do you staring at me so, Kalieth?” He looked away, a bit embarrassed and said “I’m sorry, it just that, I have not seen your kind before. Where I am from, your kind do not venture and I was just admiring you for your earthly beauty.” I turned away embarrass and said “I’m sure, there are many females more beautiful than me, where you come from.”

He turned back and as I looked back at him, he caught my gaze, looking deep in my eyes and said “I speak not, of the beauty of the flesh only, but of the soul as well and yours is very beautiful to me, Tasla and yet burns with a fierce inner fire. There is much about you, I wish to discover, but for now I must sleep.” He then got up wearily and went back to the rock and laid down. I sat there for a moment and finished eating, watching him sleep, with mixed emotions. I began to feel something stir inside of me, that I never felt before, but did not know what it was. I found myself getting up and laying down beside him, snuggling into his warm soft furred body. The smell of his wild musky male scent, permeated the air around me and I fell into a deep peaceful sleep breathing it in and smiling, knowing I would no longer be alone out here, in the wild.

During the next several weeks, he healed up quickly and recovered his strength and health. When he was able, he started to teach me how to ride him, in case we ever needed to move fast. It was hard, at first, but I soon got the hang of it and we began having fun together, speeding through the tall savanna grass. Soon we were moving even faster across the grassy plains, as if we were of one body. He laughed one day, after we returned to the rock and said “I have to say, you’re so much lighter and more graceful, then my old rider. I almost do not know that you are even there, at all.” I dismounted him and said “How can you talk about your former rider so.” He looked away hurt and said “Yes, he was big part of me, but he is gone now and I must get on with my life; that is the way of nature, the way of Cajha.” I looked at him, feeling a bit playful and said “But what if something were too happened to me?”

He looked long and deep into my eyes and then said “Then I would cease to be and would exist no longer, fading into the nothingness.” and then he turned quietly and walked slowly to the rock and laid down. I stood there stunned for a long time, not knowing how to feel, about his words. Then I began to feel warm inside and not because of savanna heat. I finally went to him and silently laid down behind him, putting my arm around him and nuzzling into him. I could hear his rapid heartbeat, but he did not move or turn to look at me at all. My eyes became wet with tears, as I suddenly realized the meaning of his words and now, of his silence. In his own way, Kalieth had grown to love me, more than just a friend, in these past several weeks. I laid there long, not knowing how to feel about him and fell into a troubled sleep, feeling a strange forbidden need enter into my mind.

The next day, I had been riding him all morning, as we speed across the plains enjoying ourselves immensely. Then all of a sudden the rhythm of his stride began to make me feel very wet between my furred legs. Kalieth suddenly stopped at our rock and said “Tasla you are soaking the fur, on my back, what‘s wrong.” I looked at him, panting and blushing with embarrassment and said “I’m sorry Kalieth… but I can’t help it… your stride is making me very wet… for some reason.” He then sniffed the air around him and said “I know why… you’re in heat Tasla… I can smell your growing need.” I then got off of him and he quickly turn, placing his muzzle between my legs and sniff me deeply there. I push him away and said “Kalieth stop that.” but he just looked at me intently and said “But I can satisfied your need, Tasla, if you will only let me.” I could now see his growing erection emerging out of his sheath and swallowed hard. Part of me was wanting him, badly, but I found myself stepping back, afraid of him and said “Now Kalieth, calm yourself down.”

He kept trying to move closer, but I continued to back away, until he had finally backed me into the rocks. Then once again he began to sniff me between my legs, making me gasp, as his nose slipped under my loincloth. I closed my eyes, as he began to lick me there, making me moan softly, as my forbidden desire for him grew stronger. Soon, I could not help myself any longer and quickly pulled off my top and loincloth, grabbing his thick furred head and rubbing my wet furred mound against his big wolf muzzle, as he licked me pleasurably. He licked me slowly for a long while making me moan deeply and then removed his soaked muzzle from my now very wet mound. He lifted his head to look deep into my eyes, expectantly and I found myself, breathlessly, going down on my hands and knees and lifting my tail for him. He took another long deep sniff and then mounted me quickly. I felt his hard wolf flesh touch my wet heated folds and my body trembled with longing desire.

I then heatedly pushed back hard, into him and cried out in pain, giving him my virginity and taking him deep inside of me. I felt unashamed, about what I was now doing, as I suddenly realized, I truly loved him too, with all my heart. He began to gently mate me, giving me what I needed most, right now and making me moan with deep growing pleasure. Soon he began to move forward and lifted his hind leg over me and making me roll over forward on my back. He continued to move forward, his hard wolf flesh, still lodged deep inside of me, until I laid upside down on my back with my legs spread wide around his thick soft furred rump. He then began to thrust down even deeper into me, driving me crazy with extreme pleasure, as his hard wolf flesh repeatedly tapped something deep inside of me. As we became more sexually excited, our combined love juices began to flow down my soaking wet mound to my belly and then flowed towards my small soft furry breasts, pooling there. He then began to thrusting into me with immense vigor, making my tongue loll from my mouth from raw lustful pleasure.

I was loving every bit of it and bucked my hips wildly, wanting to feel him fill me with his warm creamy wolf love. His thrusts grew more urgent and I hadn’t long to wait, as he finally pushed deep into me, howling loudly. He then filled my heated womb with his hot wolf love, making me orgasm so hard, I almost passed out. I laid there, in a deep foggy haze, as his warm flowing love filled me. When he had finished, he eased his rump down, lowering my rump to the warm ground. He then moved forward, pulling his sated wolf flesh from my now very satisfied body. I laid there in a pleasure filled fog, as he turned around and began to lick me clean, making me giggle and squirm. I looked up at him with deep love in my eyes and said “Now… Kalieth… we are also mates… now and forever.”

He smiled and laid down beside me, laying his big furry head between my small trembling, soft furred breasts and I hugged it lovingly. Then as I was falling into a deep, contented sleep, I heard him say “Not yet, my love, not yet.” When I finally awoke, it was dark, except for the light of the full moon. I looked all around, but could not find him anywhere and then got up and cried out desperately for him. I then heard him softly say “Come to me, my love.” from somewhere above me. I looked up and saw him standing there, on the rocks above me, silhouetted by the full moon and I felt warm tingles, between my legs, for him. I went around and climbed the rock and went to him swiftly, hugging him tightly, saying “I thought you had left me, Kalieth.” He looked lovingly at me and said “I could never do that, my love. Now please lie here and let me make love to you, once more.”

He jumped off a raised piece of rock that he was standing on and let me lay down on it, on my back. I spread my legs for him, feeling no shame, no guilt and no apprehension, this time, only a deep warm love for him. He covered me and I felt his hard wolf flesh, slip gently into me once more. I closed my eyes, as he pushed deep into me and I wrapped my soft furred legs around his thick furred waist. He licked my cheek and started to gently mate with me, once more. A warm glowing sensation spread over my entire body, as he loved me passionately. I open my eyes and stared into those beautiful blue gray eyes of his, that now seemed to glow, with their own inner light, as he smiled down at me. His hard wolf flesh felt so warm and pleasurable, moving slowly inside of me. It began making me feel very warm and tingly inside, as if some powerful magic, was at work.

I closed my eyes again, as the feeling grew stronger with each slow gentle thrust, as he began to nibble playfully on my neck, sending warm sparks shooting through my heated body. I began moaning loudly and tightened my grip on him, as the pleasure became so intense, I could barely contain myself. Suddenly I arched my back, throwing my head back and began to shake wildly. I then cried out “Oh Kalieth!!!” and orgasmed hard, digging my claws into his thick furred back. He then began thrusting urgently into me and I held onto him moaning loudly and bucking my hips wildly. Then time stood still, as he thrust deep into me, howling loudly and I then felt his hot creamy wolf love flowing quickly into my hungry womb.

Unlike before, I felt a strange feeling emanating from my womb that made my whole body flush with its tremendous warmth. Kalieth held himself deep inside of me, his hard fleshy knot pressing firmly against wet trembling folds, my neck held gently in his mouth, while he finished consummating our love for each other. I could feel his strong muscular wolf body, trembling with exhaustion above me, as he gave all of himself to me. He finally released my neck and spoke weakly, saying “Now… we are mates… by the blessing of the… Moon Mother, Cajha… we are now bound together… now and forever… even beyond death itself.” and he licked my flushed face lovingly. I opened my eyes weakly and looked up at him and he seemed to glow above me in the moonlight, his thick furred mane flowing wild and free, all around him, in the cold night breeze. As he smiled down contentedly at me, I caressed he strong muscular shoulders and said “I feel somehow different inside, Kalieth… a strange warmth inside me, unlike before, when you first loved me.”

He looked up at the moon and said “The Moon Mother has blessed our union and allowed me to give my seed to you. It has now taken root inside of you and soon you will bear our fruit.” I looked up at him in great surprise and love, saying “You mean I’m pregnant with your child?” He nodded, smiling at me and I hugged him tightly and said “Oh Kalieth, I love you so much, but how can that be?” He laughed and said “With moon magic, of course, but it only works when the bond of love is strong and true enough.” and then he looked lovingly into my eyes. We laid there on the rock holding onto each other, long after his sated wolf flesh had slipped out of me and retreated back into his sheath. He laid on top of me, licking me long and lovingly and I laid there beneath him caressing his strong muscular wolf body, nuzzling into him.

Finally he moved back from between my legs and I sat up, rubbing my warm belly. I smiled up at him and said “I wonder what our pups will look like.” He shook his head and said “Only the Moon Mother knows, but I’m sure they will be a little like the both of us, strong warriors and yet compassionate.” He then turned slowly, walking away and I followed close behind him, looking back and seeing the large wet spot where we had just made love, sparkling in the moonlight and smiled, rubbing the warmth in my belly once more. We got down from our rock and then, for a long time, we walked together in the moonlight, through the tall savanna grass, side by side. Just before dawn, we finally retreated to our rock and slept together, until midday.

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