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Micro-Chip - Chapter 1 - My Birth

© Copyrighted by Furryhart 12/15/2013 ©

Warning: This story contains some content of a mature nature!

There was complete and utter darkness and I found myself all alone and confused in it. I could not see a thing, as I looked all around me and then the micro-viewer, covering my right eye lit up, startling me, as my internal support systems slowly came back online. I looked at the information on the screen, as each system came up and reported in. I seemed to know what all the information meant and how to use my internal computer. I then searched quickly through my memory banks for answers, as I couldn’t seem to remember a thing. Who am I? What was I doing? and Where the heck am I now? were among the first things I searched for.

I discovered that I am code name Micro-Chip and that I am a male cybernetic otter morph, Hyperdyne’s experiential model HD-4771-X. I had been on some kind of secret mission, but had failed in the attempt to complete it. During this mission, I had been struck by an unfamiliar force called magic, that had totality disrupted my internal systems and knocked me totally unconscious. My sensors told me, I was now somewhere deep underground, but there was no information about how I had gotten down here. My internal clock told me that I had only been out for a few hours, while my internal systems reset themselves.

I could not find any more information, about what had happened to me, as the rest of the details of the incident had been somehow wiped out of my memory banks. I tried to discover who my current master was and what I was supposed to have been doing and found absolutely no information at all. To top it off, my protocols had also been wiped out and I now found myself in full control of my own actions. “Free?!!” I thought to myself and swallowed hard. I knew then, for sure, that I was now literally all alone in the dark and lost without any outside assistance. I decided my best course of action was to find my way out to the surface, to get my bearings and then I would figure out what to do next.

I did a quick systems check of my internal systems and found most of them were still online and operational. The systems that were down were being repaired, as best they could be, by my nanobots, but I knew that, very soon, I would need some resources and a recharge, to finish the repairs. My body seemed to be in fair shape, only a few bumps, bruises and scrapes, so I started to scan my surroundings and plotted a likely course out. I then trudged on using my sensors to guide me, as my search light and night vision camera was not working.

Finally, after an arduous trek in the dark, I found my way out and to my great relief, it was still day time. I then started recharging my power systems, using the miniature solar cells embedded in my skin. I looked around and found I was in the midst of some kind of smoldering ruin, with freshly charred debris scattered everywhere. Among the debris, I found some metal fragments and scanned them, finding them to be exactly what I needed, for the repairs of my damaged systems. I picked them up and held them in my paw hands and the metal was then broken down, by my nanobots and absorbed into it, to facilitate repairs.

I had always been amazed at how efficiently the nanobots inside me could break down any material and then rebuild it or reshape it inside of me and then use it to make repairs to my mechanical and biological systems. Uncontrolled, a large group of nanobots could be very dangerous and devastating, destroying everything in their path, but these I had total control of. As a safety precaution, my creators made these particular type of nanobots completely dependent on me and my control of them. Also, they can’t exist outside my body for long periods of time, should any of them become dislodged from me.

I had been saved many a time by them and often use them to create things for me to use, during my missions. Given the right materials, the technical knowledge to build it, and time, I could use them to build almost anything for me that I needed. Also should any of them be destroyed, by damage to me, new ones could easily be built by the ones that remained out of materials, that I could find almost anywhere. To me, they were a valuable part of me, like a crew to a ship and I was sure glad they were with me now.

I then decided to follow the inward angle of the debris, that seemed to be pointing towards a large pillar of smoke and also seemed to point in the direction towards where I had been underground, when I awoke. I soon found a charred and still smoldering area and scanned it thoroughly. I found trace amounts of this strange force called magic, still radiating from the ground and in the air. Whatever had hit me should have completely destroyed me, judging from the amount of devastation to the surrounding area. But near the center of the blast area, I found a large hole in the ground where I must have fallen down, after I went unconscious.

Whoever had unleashed it on me, must have thought I had been completely destroyed and had left the area, or had been totally destroyed themselves in the process. My sensors could find no traces of any life forms in the entire area, at the moment. Finding nothing else of use to me there, I moved slowly out of the area, discovering a large forest nearby and moved in that direction. Once I arrived there, I then scanned around for a source of water and I soon found a large body of it not far from my present location and moved slowly towards it.

The forest was thick, with undergrowth and it took me quite a long time to get there. But when I finally arrived at the location, I discovered a large fresh water river that was teeming with fish. I then heard, as much as felt, my stomach growl and quickly jumped into the river. I soon caught and killed a nice big juicy fish almost as big as me and surfaced. I swam ashore with it in tow, landed it on the shoreline, and pulled it up on the river bank. I then dug in eating my fill of it and then I laid back with a full belly, feeling totally satisfied?!

That’s when I sat up with a start and realized, I had just had an emotional feeling. I never felt anything like that before, at least not of an emotional kind. I often felt sensory things like pain, heat, cold and touch, but to feel... satisfied, that was incredible. Things like that were just not needed by a cybernetic unit to complete its mission, or purpose. I thought about it for a moment and decided I liked being satisfied and rubbed my full tummy. I then laid back and emotionally enjoyed the sun and the warm earth beneath me.

But night soon fell and I began to feel scared and lonely, deciding I didn’t like ether of these feelings much at all. I gathered some wood to make a fire and soon sat by its warmth, as the night air grew very cold. I sat there and checked my com unit and couldn’t find any communication signals at all, on any known communication frequencies. I then did a wider sweep outside of those frequencies, within the tuning range of my com unit, still getting the same results.

“What backwoods planet was I on anyway and why would I come here, in the first place?” I thought to myself and wished I could remember, but all of that information was also wiped out of my memory systems. All I knew for sure was that I had to have come here in some kind of a ship, or pod and I would have to find it, to get some answers. I decided that I needed to check around the ruin tomorrow, for now my body needed to rest and I soon fell asleep.

Sometime in the night, I was attacked by a creature who grabbed me, by the neck, with its sharp toothed mouth and bit down hard. If it had not been for my enhanced skeletal structure, it would have snapped my neck. I cried out in pain and released a reflexive electrical shock that caused the creature to drop me, yelping. I then rolled out of its reach, got up quickly on my hind legs, and fired the micro-blaster, that was built into my right foreleg, at the creature. I struck it in the head, killing it instantly and it fell to the ground making a final mournful sound and moved no more.

I dropped down to my knee, as my medical systems quickly blocked the pain and stemmed the bleeding. It quickly used the flesh of the fish that I had eaten earlier, to mend the deep bite wound. Relighting my campfire, I looked at the creature and wondered, how it could have possibly gotten past all my sensors. As I looked at it, I found it wondrous to behold and began to feel great remorse, for having to kill it. It was wolf like and female, with thick soft brown fur, small antennas on the top of its large head and iridescent eyes. I quickly scanned around for others like it and only found a small life form not far away.

I followed the signal to a hollow spot in a large tree and, as I looked in the entrance, came nose to nose with the creatures little male pup. Being surprised by it, I jumped back and fell to the ground. I sat up, looking at it and felt a great sadness take me and cried out in anguish, realizing just what I had done. The pup was about my size and came up to me, cold and hungry, whimpering and then sat down beside me, leaning against me for warmth and security.

“It wasn’t my fault, it would have killed me, if I hadn’t killed it first” I tried to reason with myself. But I knew, all too well, I could have scared it away easily, as it really would have posed no real threat to me, once I was in my defensive mode. I could have held off its attack indefinably, until it gave up, without having to kill it at all. I had been trained to kill first in response to a threat, by those who had created me and would now have to rethink this erroneous training.

I quickly went back to camp and picked up what was left of the fish that I had caught earlier and brought it back to the hungry pup. He ate it hungrily, leaving only the tail fin and then laid next to me and fell asleep. I laid down beside him to keep him warm and fell asleep as well. But later that night, I was awakened again by a wailing cry and realized that its mate must have found her dead body. I suddenly realized it would soon be coming here and I got up with a fright, quickly climbing up into the nearest tree.

I waited silently, clutching tightly onto the tree in fear and the creature soon arrived sniffing the ground, snarling viciously. It was then that it saw its young pup on the ground and quickly looked it over, finding it quite well. Then he sniffed the ground around the pup, where I had laid, keeping him warm and found the piece of fish. It looked around, sniffing the air and then looked right up at me in the tree and then, back at its young one. “She came for you, strange one, did she not? I had told her not to leave our burrow’s safety, while I hunted. But something happened to me and I could not get back to her.” it said sadly, in a very old language.

“But even though you had killed her, you have provided food for my young one, keeping him warm and safe while he slept. He seems to trust you, but knows not of his mother’s death yet. He is much too young for such things.” he said tiredly and laid down by his pup and nuzzled him. I began to cry, for the first time, since I was created, not knowing I could even do so, until now. “I’m so very sorry, I had no idea she had a young pup. Such things as that, I never even considered before, until now. I was not trained to care about such things, but now I do care.” I said and jumped down from the tree landing hard on my hind paws and stood up, looking up at him, still crying.

He looked down at me and then way up in the tree, where I had been. He then came up to me and I closed my eyes, shutting down my defense systems and waited for him to kill me. But he merely sniffed at me and looked me over curiously. “What is this… a machine with a heart… and a soul? You are indeed a puzzle to me little one.” He said and laid down in front of me. I opened my eyes slowly and he looked deep into them, for a moment and his eyes glowed. “There is more to you, then even you know yet, Micro-Chip” he said, as his son woke up and walked up to me, as if not seeing his father at all and nuzzled into me.

“But your mate, I have taken her from you and your young son here, will you not kill me, for this. I have shut down my defenses, so you can do so.” I said still crying and hugged the little pup tightly. He looked at me and chuckled, saying “I will kill you little one, if you really want me to, but for what purpose would it then serve me. Yes, you’ve killed my mate and now he has no one to care for him… that is… except for you, Micro.” then he looked at me smiling and cocked his head expectantly.

I looked at the young pup and nodded in understanding saying “I will look after him and take care of him, for you.” He then looked at me sadly and said “No Micro, he is yours now, for I must now go to meet my mate on the other side. For you see, I too was killed this very night. Good-bye Micro-Chip and may we meet again on the other side someday.” and with that, he got up, nuzzling his son and then he walked away sadly, his body dissipating like smoke from a camp fire.

I held onto the soft warm pup crying, as he looked at me and then his eyes glowed too, for a moment, like his father‘s. Then he said “Micro.”, in a soft little voice and licked the tears from my furry cheeks. I then moved him to the safety of the burrow, in the tree and we both fell into a deep sleep. I then dreamt that I was in a narrow pass in the hills, just on the other side of the ruins. There was a thick broken steel door and as I went through it, I found a passageway leading down. As I came to the end of it, I found another door and inside it was a large chamber. In the middle of it was a small silver starship with strange markings on it.

Then in my dream, I saw the male creature again and he said “I thought you might be interested in this place that I found while I was hunting. Please take care of our young son, Micro.” I then saw him and his mate together again and I experienced love, peace and happiness for the first time, in my existence. I said to them in my dream “I will take good care of him, for the both of you.” and then even the female, who I had killed myself, smiled at me. Then I heard a great howling, of many voices and they both joined in the song, as my soul leapt with joy. It was then that I suddenly realized I really did have a soul, somehow.

I then awoke with tears of joy, in my eyes and I looked over to find the little pup curled up beside me. By now it was morning and I knew, I would soon need to find us something to eat. “But what should I call you, I wonder?” I said to the pup, as he stretched and yawned, waking up. I sat there thinking about it for a moment, looking at him up and down. He then looked up at me with those beautiful iridescent eyes and the name Prism came into my head. “OK then, your name is now Prism, what do you think about it?” I said and he then jumped on me, pushing me down on the ground and began licking me profusely.

“I take that, as you like it.” I said, fending him off and getting up, brushing myself off. I checked my sore neck and found it to be healing nicely, although still a bit sensitive. I then took Prism to the riverbank and dove in to find some fish for us to eat. But by the time I had caught two fish and came ashore, he was already eating a small furry thing that he had caught. I looked at him and smiled saying “You’re already a great hunter, just like your father, eh Prism.” So I sat down beside him and ate my fish, wondering if the furry thing, Prism was eating, had babies too. I could see, killing things was going to be a bit more difficult and confusing for me, from now on.

I knew that I might be away from the river for some time, with Prism, while I searched for the pass and would need some provisions for the journey. So I placed my hands on some sand, along the shoreline and had my nanobots fashion it into a glass container, to put some water in. I then made a cap for it and a basket to carry it and some food in, out of vines and a piece of wood I found. I carried it to the river, to fill the container with water and then caught some more fish, putting them into the basket. I placed a locator beacon on Prism, in case we got separated during the search and I looked at him and said “OK let’s go find that ship, Prism.” I then started to find my way back to the ruins, with Prism following close behind me.

Like before, the area, around the ruin, was a dead zone and Prism kept very close to me, looking around nervously. “I know, I don’t much like this place ether. But your father came this way and so we have to, also.” I said and tried to comfort him. “At least there’s nothing here to eat us, at the moment.” I said confidently and then rechecked my scanner again. We trudged on and came at last to the other side of the ruin and I stopped to give Prism some water to drink and some fish to eat. As for me I could go for weeks without food or water and so saved them for him.

I scanned the area and soon found the narrow pass in the hills, I had been looking for. When Prism was finished, we made our way along the hillside towards the pass. By nightfall, we had come to the mouth of it and had to stop, as it was getting cold again. I got a fire going and Prism was amazed by it and tried to catch it, burning his forepaw. I chided him and then checked out his paw, finding it OK, just a little singed fur and then gave him some more water and fish. We then settled down for the night and went to sleep.

Later that night, my alarms went off and I discovered we were surrounded by many creatures. Prism growled, as a very large cat like creature approached us, apparently the leader. “I am in luck, I have two little morsels to feed my hunger, tonight. One is even a Cenchasy, like the one I killed yesterday, only smaller, maybe even his son perhaps.” he said malevolently, in another ancient language. I began tracking the other cats surrounding us while also, scanning the area for cover. As I found a small opening in the rocks, I looked around and said sternly “I don’t want to have to kill you all, so leave now. You’ve been fairly warned.” not expecting it to do much good, but hopefully, give me a little time.

They all laughed hardily and the leader approached me, slowly circling me and said wryly “So, am I supposed to be impressed by your talk, little one.” I looked at the leader and raised my right foreleg, saying “No, but maybe you’ll be impressed by this.” I then shot the ground near him, with my micro-blaster, as it popped up out of my foreleg. The leader jumped back and looked at the smoldering hole in the ground, narrowing his eyes, snarling menacingly. I took that opportunity to grab Prism and pushed him towards the opening that I had found. The leader came fast on our heels and I shot the ground at its feet again, causing him to stop, momentarily.

I then pushed Prism into the safety of the opening and turned, only to find the leader already on me. He hit me hard with his thick sharp clawed forepaw and I was thrown some distance away, hitting the ground hard. I grit my teeth from the pain and said angrily “That’s it, you leave me no alternative, but to fight you cat.” and I got up, blood dripping from my side and bared my titanium claws and teeth.” He came at me again, mouth open wide, as if to finish me, but this time I was ready for him and hit him first. I caught him by surprise, by jumping up high and slapping his muzzle hard, as it tried to bite me. My claws dug in, slicing his muzzle wide open and knocking his head clear to one side.

He then fell hard and rolled to my left and I quickly ran over and guarded the opening that Prism was hiding in. I could hear Prism whimpering and said angrily to the leader “Your scaring my pup, leave now and I will let you live.” He roared loudly at me and said “For that, I will swallow you whole and laugh, as I feel you suffer inside my stomach.” and he came quickly at me again. Still not wanting to kill him, I rolled to the left and dodge his massive claws, and he hit the rocks hard, behind me. It was then that Prism stuck his head out and bit the leader hard on his foreleg.

It roared in pain and raised its clawed paw to strike at Prism and I quickly kill him before he could strike, shooting him through his head with my micro-blaster. Tear welled up in my eyes, for having to do so and then there was silence for a moment. Then suddenly all the other cats quickly came at us and I had to kill more of them, with my micro-blaster set on auto blast, to keep them from harming Prism.

Quickly, their moral faltered and the rest of them ran away, into the hills, screeching in fear. I then fell to the ground in pain and grabbed my side, my medical system trying hard to keep me from passing out from blood loss. I then slowly crawled over to the dead leader, placing my hands on him. My nanobots then broke down his flesh, using it to stop the bleeding and repair my wounds. I laid there breathing weakly, falling in and out of consciousness, as my medical systems worked on me. Prism then came quickly over to me and licked my wounds and I suddenly began to feel my bio systems stabilizing and my head clearing.

I looked at him, for a moment, astonished and said weakly “Prism, how did you do that? “ But he just looked at me and smiled happily, wagging his tail and I then quickly scanned the surroundings. Thankfully, the rest of the cats were nowhere to be found. I looked back at Prism and said with a sigh “That sure was close Prism. It was so much easier when I could just kill them outright, without having to think twice about it. But I just can’t do that anymore.” I got up weakly to my feet and looked at the big cat, its head was huge and could have easily swallowed me whole, although it would have found me a bit hard to swallow.

I looked at Prism and said “So you’re a Cenchasy and he must have been the ones who killed your father.” Prism then began biting the creature, grabbing it, shaking his head side to side and fiercely growling. I pulled him off the dead cat and he looked at me, tears flowing from his eyes. “I know how you feel Prism, but its dead now and we need to move on to the steel door, for safety. “, I said, stroking and petting him, trying to calm him down. Then, torn and weary, I made my way, with Prism, down the pass scanning ahead for any more threats and was sure glad to find none now. I ate some of the fish and drank some water to regain my strength, as we moved ever closer to the steel door.

As the sun started to come up, I found the broken steel door in the side of the hill. I then stopped to rest and recharge a little, while examining the big steel door. It was made of a strange hard metal that I had not seen before and was definitely electromechanically driven. It had been blasted open partially, but was still mostly intact. Being small, Prism and I were able to slip right through the opening and went inside. I lit the area with my search light, finding an unlit control panel by the door and the passageway leading downward and proceeded to move down it very cautiously.

I began to sense a low power emission and low levels of electronic communications coming from down below and was on my guard. Places like this had security bots or worse, but the level of power was too low for any of that. I had my com systems monitor the signals and tried to translate the electronic language. I kept Prism behind me and raised my force field around us. As we move further down the passage, my shield was then hit by a small weak laser blast from a robotic unit behind a crate. “I mean you no harm.” I said and broadcast it also, using its own communication frequency and language.

I saw it raise its optical lenses and look at us, saying “You look like a wild animal, but you are protected by a very strong shields and you can speak and communicate with me. What are you?” “I am Micro-Chip, cybernetic unit HD-4771-X and I mean you no harm.” I said using machine protocol. It came out from hiding with its mechanical arms up and moved up to us. It was some sort of repair droid, with a modified laser pistol welded to its arm. “I am repair unit RU-372, also called Zaps by my former masters.

It then went silent, dropping its arms, as the lights along its front panel dimmed down and I sensed it’s power levels dropping off sharply. I then approached it cautiously and looked it over thoroughly, scanning it internal systems. I soon found a jack on its back panel and created a plug to interface with it, inside my right paw hand. I then extended it out of my paw hand and plugged it in, while guarding my systems from intrusion and scanning the plug for its uses.

I soon gained access to the Zaps robotic core systems and finding it completely safe and maybe even useful, began to recharge it‘s power systems, using some of my own backup power. It soon came back online and now knowing that I meant it no harm, allowed me to finish charging him. I communicated with Zaps through our link and found out that it was the main repair robot for the ship inside the hanger. This planet had been an outpost for its former masters and they, had long ago, come under attack by an unknown force. During the attack everyone, even the attackers had perished or left, leaving the ship and its equipment abandoned for hundreds of years.

The automated systems had kept things running for a long time, until the power systems had a massive failure. Now only a few systems remained partially online and sort of running. I knew then, I was going to have my hands full, just to get all the robotic units back online. I would also need to get the power systems back up and running fully, before I could even get to working on the installation, let alone the ship. I sighed and thought to myself “It’s not much, but at least it is better than nothing.”

I then unplugged from Zaps, the plug retreating back into my paw hand and made my way to the door, as he and Prism followed me. I stood on Prisms back and looked through the dirty window, in the door and saw the silver starship, not recognizing it type or even its class. Feeling my tummy rumbling, I asked “I’m going to need food for me and my pup, Zaps, are any of the food processor online still?” ,but could guess it’s answer. “No Micro, all food preparation units are offline and need to be cleaned thoroughly, before they can be used safely.” he said opening the door for me.

As the door slowly creaked and groaned opened, I said “How about transport vehicles, are there any working?” “There is a large solar powered vehicle that belonged to one of my former masters, that is still operational.” Zaps said and showed it to me, in the dim light of the hanger. It was a large, well made all-terrain vehicle and exactly what I needed “But how would I ever get it out of here with no power to any of the doors?” I thought to myself, but right next to it was a very small robotic scout unit, that looked like a little dump truck, with a big cargo bin, large enough for me and Prism to fit in. It could easily slip out of the broken door and quickly transport us back to the river. “What about this?” I said pointing to the unit.

“It’s works, but it has no way for you to control it externally, it’s only an automated unit.” Zaps said and I removed its maintenance cover and analyzed its internal construction. I found at last, what I was looking for, a small com port and then made a plug to match the port and plugged in. I quickly analyzed its simple control systems and quickly gained full control over it. I then tried it out, moving it around the hanger myself, with Prism chasing me and then finally found its control sensor frequency and deciphered its simple control codes. I then returned to Zap and unplugged from it, replacing its panel.

“I’m going to find us some more food and will be back as soon as I can, to help you fix up the place, Zaps.” I said helping Prism onto the scout unit‘s cargo bin. “I will await your return master and do what I can in the meantime.” Zaps said, as I then climbed in beside Prism, raising the small gold antenna from the top of my head and said “Hold on Prism.” I engaged the scout unit’s powerful motors and we were quickly out the broken door and into the sunlight.

It’s power systems and mine were soon charged to full, in the sunlight and I increased it‘s speed to maximum. Prism liked riding in the scout unit and waged his tail happily, while we both enjoyed ourselves, letting our tongues loll from our mouths, as the wind wiped by us. Before long, we were back at the riverbank and we jumped out, heading quickly to the river.

We both drank our fill of the clean fresh water, lapping it up quickly, having become parched, while breathing the dusty dry air of the hanger. I then jumped in the river and got us some fish and we ate our fill of that too. I then gathered some more water, berries and some more fish, as Prism slept in the scout unit and placed them in the storage compartments on it. I knew I would soon need to sleep myself and we found the old burrow and moved inside of it, leaving the unit outside. As night fell we nestle next to each other and we fell into a deep sleep.

Sometime in the night, I was awakened by the appearance of multiple creatures, outside our burrow and thinking to myself “Will I ever get a full night of sleep, on this planet.” To my relief, my sensors told me they were Cenchasy and I cautiously looked out and saw many of them. One noticed me and said “Their awake, come and see.” They all came and sat by the entrance and Prism moved up next to me, looking out, quizzically. The largest male Cenchasy among them said “Now, here stands the great warrior, who defeated Huzar while defending one of our own, from him.” He bowed low and then so did the rest of them.

“Word has come to us, on swift wings, of his death, the manor of his demise and who had killed him. So we have come to help you, most honored of Cenchasy and child, to aid and protect you while you slept and recovered your strength.” he said and motioned with his paw for us to join him. We both stepped out and I humbly said “But I’m not a Cenchasy, I’m just Micro, an otter... sort of.” He looked at me and smiled saying “You are Cenchasy in here warrior.” and touched my chest with his fore paw. “But I didn’t want to kill him, I only killed him and sadly the others too, to protect Prism from being killed.” I said lowering my head.

He placed his paw under my chin and raised my head saying “Sometimes, others give us no choice, little one.” He then leaned down and looked me right in the eyes and said “Huzar has hunted and killed many of the Cenchasy, including my own mate and her unborn young ones, without any though or concern, other than to wipe us out ruthlessly. Do not mourn his passing, little one.” He then sat back up and looked down at me. I looked back up at him sadly and said “But I do mourn for him, for I know how it is to be like that, I killed one of yours like that, his mother to be exact, without any concern. But something has changed in me and I can no longer kill, unless there is no other way.”

“That is the only way, warrior, to kill only when hunger drives us or to defend ourselves, our own or others from a cruel and merciless death. That is the Cenchasy way. Therefore… you are Cenchasy, Micro, for you have saved one of our own from death and killed he who would have viciously killed us all, if he could have. I would say you have paid your debt to us and so too, would his parents agree.” He said and bowed his head to me, the others bowed their heads as wellwell.

Then an old female Cenchasy came up to me and touched me and began to say some words that I could not understand. My side and my neck glowed white and I began to sense that force called magic again, as I felt all pain in my body cease. My medical systems soon reported my body was completely healed. The old female removed her paw from me, tiredly and said “I have done what I could for your body. But your bones however, I cannot heal them, for they are unlike anything I have ever seen.”

“They are made of a very strong light weight metal and I can repair those myself, but thank you very much for healing me.” I said and then asked “That power you used just now called magic, I think, that is what caused these changes in me.” She placed her fore paw on my head and concentrated. Her eyes glowed brightly and she smiled and said “Magic yes, but not just any magic, a strong and very powerful wish was unleashed on you. Although, it’s true intent was to destroy you utterly, it instead set you free from your bonds, little one. You are now in full control of your own destiny, answering to no one. It also gave you a… soul… where there once was… none?!”

She removed her paw and looked at me puzzled and said “But how could that be? All living creatures have a soul.” I looked sadly at her and said “Because I was not born, my body was grown and then I was built like a machine, I have no mother or father. “, and I showed her my belly. She looked at it and exclaimed “You have no navel, little one!” I looked away and said “Yes, that’s right and I guess machines don’t get souls either.” She moved my head back around with her paw, for me to look at her, smiling and said “When the wish was spoken, the machine was, somehow, given a soul and you were then born. You are no longer, just a machine anymore, Micro.”

“So it is as I felt, I do have a soul and am no longer bound to my creator’s designs.” I said looking down, feeling unsure of myself and said “But what do I do now and where should I go.” She looked at me and smiled softly and said “As with us Cenchasy, you are free to do what you will and go where you want to go. The choice is yours now, little one and only you can decide your fate… but for now rest and be comforted. ” and with that a great weariness came upon me and I fell asleep.

I dreamt of me riding on Prism, across a beautiful plain. He was now full grown and strong and the bonds between us had grown and we were free. I awoke inside of the burrow feeling refreshed and alive, as I had never been since I was created. I saw Prism beside me asleep and already he seemed to be much larger. I checked my internal clock and found that it had been a week since I fell asleep. I jumped up and looked outside of the burrow and found everyone gone, except for a young male Cenchasy.

He looked at me and said “I see you are finally awake Micro. I am Flender and have been left here, to watch over you while you rested and healed.” I looked at him and said “Where have the others gone?” and looked around. “They have returned to their normal existence, moving south, for soon it will be winter and the cold winds will come.” Flender said shivering. “And what about you, where will you go, now that I’m awake?” I asked cocking my head and smiling, almost guessing his answer.

He raised his head high and puffed out his chest and said proudly “I will go with you and help you protect my little cousin.” I looked at him in the eyes and said “Are you sure, already I have had to fight off an entire group of… what do you call them?” He swallowed hard and said “Kagonny.” and then puffed his chest out again and said boldly “And yes I am sure, if you will accept me into your pack, I will defend you and my cousin, with my very life.”

I walked up to him and hugged him, with my forelegs saying “Well then Flender, welcome to my pack, as you call it. It will be nice to have someone to talk to and you can also help me teach Prism to speak your language and your ways.” He picked up a dead furry creature and laid it down in front of us and said energetically “I have already found you something to eat, this morning.” I looked at it, as Prism dug in hungrily and swallowed hard saying “Ah... no thank you, I will just go and get a fish or two from the river… but thank you for finding it for Prism.”

I made my way down to the river and jumped in and as I began to hunt for fish, something swam quickly past me. My sensor detected a life form, my size and it was moving closer again, slowly this time and it came up face to face with me. It was a small creature, not to unlike myself, but white furred and female, I realized somehow and it had a fish in its mouth. We surfaced and I looked into her beautiful sparkling blue eyes for the first time. She pushed the fish against my muzzle and I took it in my mouth, staring at her, mesmerized. She then let it go, smiled at me, and then disappeared below the surface.

I just floated there, the fish still in my mouth, stunned and could feel my heart pounding. Flender and Prism arrived on the riverbank and Flender called out to me “Micro, are you all right?” I touched my chest and said to myself “I’m not sure.” and swam back to Flender and Prism. I got out and sat down on the shore, the fish still in my mouth, looking out on the flowing water. Flender came up to me and said “Micro?” He had to say this a number of times, before I finally turned to look at him, the fish still in my mouth.

I tried to talk and suddenly realized, that the fish was still in my mouth and removed it saying, as if in a dream “I saw something very beautiful in the river just now. It gave me this fish and swam off.” Flender looked out on the water and said “It must be a Slendarrie, they are kind of like you, but are white furred with black stripes down their back, very long thick prehensile tails and long black tufts on their pointed ears. We don’t usually mess with them, for they are hard to catch in the open, staying mostly to the riverbank and in the river, for safety.”

“Slendarrie eh, well I need to find her, watch Prism for me.” I then got up and jumped back into the river and looked for her everywhere. After I had been searching for a while, a huge fish suddenly darted out of a hole, in the side of the riverbank. It came at me, open mouthed to catch me, with its long sharp teeth. I grabbed its jaws with my paw hands, before it could bite down and held them open. It began to thrash about wildly, trying to free itself, as I held on for dear life. Then out of nowhere, she came and attacked the huge fish, clawing and biting at it fiercely. The fish trashed about wildly trying to defend itself from her attach, while trying to bite down on me.

I place my hind paws onto its lower jaw and then forced its mouth open wide, until I heard it snap and then it stopped moving. I then pulled it to the surface and dragged its large body ashore, as she came up behind me. She looked me over thoroughly and began sniffing at me, every part of me and then looked at me quizzically. She then moved in front of me and then said “Smells like a male Slendarrie, but looks not like a Slendarrie.” She cocked her head and looked at my micro-viewer, sniffing at it and said “And what has happened to you eye?”

I gazed at her soft beautiful body, beginning to feel a strange warmth inside me and then I said “I’m an otter a… at least most of me is. I am called Micro-Chip, and what are you called beautiful one.” She lowered her head shyly and blushed saying “Kitarna, I…I’m called.” I put my fore paw under her chin and lifted her head and said “Such a wonderful name for a lovely Slendarrie. “, and I looked into her beautiful blue eyes once more.

She smiled and then turned, walking over to the huge fish, touching it with her paw hand and then turned back to look at me saying “It should have killed you, Micro, but your very strong for a Slendarrie, or even an otter, I think.” I looked down sadly and said “It’s because I’m also part machine.” She came up to me and said softly,” Whatever you are, your heart beats fiercely for me, Micro.” and she nuzzled against my chest. I closed my eyes and began to breathe heavily and said “I… I’ve never felt anything like this… warm feeling, that I feel inside me every time I look at… your beautiful body, Kitarna and I don‘t know… what to do next.“

She moved slowly down the side of my body, rubbing her warm soft sleek furred body against mine, saying “I’m sure you’ll think of something, Micro. “, and then ran the length her long thick tail under my nose, as she slowly lifted it. I then felt something stir between my legs, as I sniffed her sweet scented tail. My body then moved, seemingly on its own, as I mounted her and began to mate with her gently. Time seemed to stop, as we continued to pleasure each other‘s body, becoming more sexually excited with each passing moment. I began feeling euphoric, as I felt a deep love for her burning inside me.

We climax many times, before we finally had to stop, both of us physically exhausted. She then laid down in the grass, as I laid gently on top of her, both of us panting heavily. When we finally started to relax, I nuzzled her neck, as she laid there beneath me, contentedly humming a strange song to herself. She laid her head down in the grass and closed her eyes, sighing and said “Oh Micro, you have made me so very happy.” I held onto her with my forelegs and nuzzled her neck, saying “I think I… love?… you, Kitarna. Yes, that‘s the word.” and nuzzled into her soft fur, happily, feeling very warm inside.

I gently slipped off of her, when I noticed it was getting very dark and then suddenly thought of Flender and Prism. “Oh no… I hope their alright!” I said and quickly jumped into the river. Kitarna cried out desperately to me “Micro, where are you going?! “, as I swan away quickly, back to where I had lift them. But they were nowhere in sight and I called out desperately to them, but got no response. So I quickly ran back to the burrow and thankfully found them resting inside it. I came up to the burrow, breathing heavy and stood there holding onto the side of the entrance.

When Flender saw me he got up and said angrily “Where have you been, we have been looking everywhere for you, all day, and I thought you were dead.” I sat up on my hind legs and lowered my head in shame, then he looked at me curiously and sniffed me all over, then sniffed down between my hind legs, and sat up smiling saying “Ah ha, you found the Slendarrie female, I see. Well then, my friend, all is forgiven.” and he winked at me knowingly. I looked at him and shook my head and said “No, you’re right to be angry, I should not have run off like that. What if something happened to you or Prism, I would never forgive myself.”

“I promised his parents that I would watch over Prism and take good care of him and I mean to do just that. I will not seek her again. “, I said firmly. He looked up over me and smiled saying “I don’t think you will have to… look.” and as I turned around to see, I came nose to nose with Kitarna and she licked me on the nose and said “You think you are going to get rid of me that easily, Micro-Chip, now that I found you my love.” I then nuzzled her back lovingly and said “You won’t mind my friend here and my adopted son?” pointing to Flender and then to Prism. She looked at them wryly and then back at me and said “Not if they behave themselves.”

Flender then bowed and said “I would just as likely gnaw all my legs off, as hurt a lovely lady, such as you.” She blushed and then went up to Prism and sat up on her hind legs. Flender and me tense up a bit, but she just nuzzled into him and he nuzzled her back and then he nuzzled her tummy and said “You a mommy! “ She looked at him shocked, realizing what he was trying to say and then looked over at me and said “But how could that be… you’re not a Slendarrie.” and I came over and scanned her womb and sure enough, she was pregnant.

“It’s true, you are pregnant, but I don’t…..” I started to continue, but was jumped on, by Kitarna and kissed profusely. “I love you, I love you, I love you, Micro-Chip.” she said and I rolled over onto her and said “I love you too Kitarna.” and then I kissed her. Flender smiled and then looked away politely, as we rolled and played with each other, lovingly, on the ground. I then got up off of her, smiling and helped her up onto her hind paws, nuzzling her and we all then went into the burrow. We talked and ate a while and then settled in for the night. Kitarna and Prism snuggling up against me and Flender laid around us all for warmth, as the night air grew very cold.

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