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Micro-Chip - Chapter 2 - The Storm

© Copyrighted by Furryhart 12/15/2013 ©

Warning: This story contains some content of a mature nature!

This time, I dreamt of a very cold icy winter, with thick mounds of snow covering everything in sight and I somehow realized it would very soon be here. When I awoke, Kitarna was lying asleep next to me and I got up knowing I had to get that installation repaired and soon, to keep us from freezing to death. I then got everyone up and said “Everyone, we need to travel to the other side of the ruin, to a place I know. A very cold winter is coming soon and I need to prepare a place for us to keep warm, during it.” I then cleaned out the smelly scout unit, since the food I had placed there a week ago had all went bad. I then resupplied it, with fresh fish, meat, berries and water for the journey.

We then headed out and Kitarna loved riding in the scout unit as much as Prism did. Flender followed, running beside us and amazingly enough, keeping up with us. By midday, we came to the broken door and slipped inside. We were met by Zaps and my friends kept behind me, except for Prism who sat down beside me. Zaps looked much better now and I could tell his power output was much higher. “Micro, you have returned and I thought you might have been killed out there. I have lost, more than one master before, you know.” He said and led the way.

There was much more activity now than before, as various druids, robots and repair units were scooting about moving and fixing things. The lights in the hanger were also working now and I tapped Zaps on his mechanical shoulder and said “I see you have been very busy, while I was gone.” “Yes Micro, I gave some of the energy, that you gave me, to other repair units and had them start repairing the power unit, it is now up to forty nine percent and rising.” He said.

“What is the state of repairs on the food processors, water units and climate control?” I said and looked back at my clan mates. “The food processor is being cleaned and will soon be refilled, as the food canisters still tested ok. The water purifiers are back online and tested safe, but the climate control is still down, until the power unit is back up to full capacity.” I looked at Zaps and said “Good work, but it’ not enough. My mates will have to keep warm tonight, so we might have to start a fire, please don’t sound the fire alarm or put it out.”

“I understand master. “ He said and I looked at my clan mates, who were looking around in amazement and said “I need to get my clan mates settled in and then I will be joining in on the repairs with you shortly.” I then went over to my mates gathering some broken wooden crates and broke them up for fire wood. I then started a fire and said “I will be helping them with the repairs for a while, so sit here and make yourself comfortable and keep warm, till I get back.”

I then kissed Kitarna and nuzzled Prism saying “I have to leave a little while to help fix this place up for us to live in.” They both nuzzled me and Kitarna said “I’ll miss you my love, be safe and hurry back to me.” I then looked at Flender and said “Keep a eye on them both for me my friend. I hope to have this place warm and cozy in no time.” He nuzzled me and said “You got it Micro and be safe in there yourself and watch these things I don’t trust them.” I nodded and then went back to join Zaps. I looked at him and said “Now let’s get some work done shall we.” and Zaps lead me to the room where the mainframe computer was housed and I sat down at the main console.

I then plugged in, linking myself into the mainframe and found it to be old but very efficient, reliable and helpful to me. I then got a status on all systems and gained access to all maintenance information. I then linked up with all the maintenance units available, through the mainframe, to coordinate repairs on the power unit. Soon systems were coming back online everywhere, as the power unit was quickly repaired and came back online fully. The lights came up to full intensity in the hanger and the climate control came online, warming up the place.

I sent repair robots and units to repair the main door, as it would be need to be close for the long winter. I then made ready an area of the hanger, to be used as living quarters for my clan mates and me, until the main facility could be cleaned up and repaired. I then went down to see how my mates were doing and found them playing with each other. They saw me and all ran up to me, bowling me over and piling on me nuzzling and cuddling me.

Kitarna kissed me and said “Micro, I have missed you so these several long lonely weeks. These robots things have been bring us stuff to eat and drink and also a machine to keep us warm, but they would only say that you were well.” I looked at her and nuzzled her saying “I’m sorry Kitarna, but I got caught up in the repairs. I had not even realized it had been so long. But now I have a place for us to live and keep warm in during the long winter. Come on, let me show you our new living quarters.” They followed me thru the mass of moving repair units and then came to a small building built on one side of the hanger.

I brought them inside our new living quarters and they looked around in amazement. The main living room was spacious with several soft cushions to sit on, a few low tables to eat at and an entertainment center built into the wall. Off to the right was our sleeping quarters with soft low beds and cushions to sleep on. Straight ahead from the living room was the dining / kitchen area, which contained four cushions, a long low table and a water trough that stayed filled with clean water. It also contained the food storage and a few food processors, which I had modified for them to use. I then had the food processors make a couple of simulated steaks for Flender and Prism and a large pile of fish cakes for Kitarna and me. We then sat on the soft mats and happily ate together.

When we were finished, I showed them the large bathroom / bathing area, to the left of the sleeping area and taught them how to use the toilets, adapted for their use. Then I showed them the shower area and the large ground level whirlpool, also modified for them and taught them how to use them also. I then ran water into the whirlpool and said to Kitarna smiling “Care to try it out with me, Kitarna. “, and we climbed in and cuddled together in the warm soothing water. Flender looked at Kitarna and me, smiling and then said “I think me and Prism will just go over there and use the shower instead.”

He then stood up and pushed Prism with him to the shower as Kitarna said “He’s just trying to give us some time together, I like him and Prism a lot.” I kissed her and nuzzled her saying “I do too and I missed you all very much, while I worked, but I had to get things running and us settled in before this cold winter comes.” She looked at me and cocked her head, smiling at me and said “You’re quite a good leader, I could not have chosen a better mate, Micro.” She then wrapped her tail around us and kissed me. She then laid back in the warm water on her back, pulling me down on top of her.

I felt myself getting hard quickly and slipped into her warmth, beginning to make love to her, as the warm water splashed all around us. I could see Flender and Prism peeking out of the shower curtain smiling at us, but pretended not to notice. Never in my life have I felt so alive, as when we made love together. We took it slow this time, enjoying each other’s body as we moved slowly and lovingly towards our climaxes. She climaxed several times before, not being able to hold back mine any longer, I pushed deep into her and climaxed, as I looked into her beautiful blue eyes.

She nuzzled me and said smiling “Gods know, I love you so very much, my handsome and perfect otter love machine.” We then heard whistles and howls, as Flender and Prism came out of the shower, tongues lolling and smiling broadly. Kitarna looked at them, blushing and then looked back at me and said huffily “And then there are times, when I want to kill them both.” I nuzzled her and said “Don’t let them bother you my love, as long as we are always together.” She nuzzled me back and said “You’re right, Micro, we are all family now and I might as well get used to it.”

She removed her tail from around us and I then slipped out of her and sat up in the water. I looked at Flender and Prism saying sternly “You two need to behave yourselves, Kitarna and me need to have time to ourselves. And Flender, we really need to find you a mate before winter comes… your showing.” and I pointed down under him. He looked down between his legs and it was his turn to blush. Kitarna looked also and blushed exclaiming “Oh my gods!!” Flender quickly fled back into the shower and Prism came up to us, giggling and said “Flender very funny.”

Prism looked down happily at us, in the whirlpool and said “Daddy loves mommy lots.” and we both hugged him and I said “And we both love you too Prism.” and Kitarna blushing added quickly “But not like we were doing in here.” and pointed in the whirlpool. Prism nuzzled Kitarna, giggling and said “I know that, me not your mate, mommy.” It was obvious to me that Flender was doing a great job, teaching Prism to talk. We then got out of the whirlpool and dried off and then went into the bedroom and laid down together with Prism.

We were joined sometime later by Flender, who seemed much better now, that he had a nice long shower. He laid next to us feeling embarrassed and said to Kitarna “I’m sorry Kitarna, I should not have been watched you two making love, but I just could not help myself. You two love each other with such fiery passion, that it makes me warm inside to watch you.” I grinned wryly and said “Maybe a bit to warm, eh Flender.” and Kitarna popped the back of my head and said “Micro now it’s your turn to behave yourself.” We then all laughed and settled in for the night, snuggling together.

The next day I got a report of a huge winter storm heading our way and ordered the main door shut. I looked at Kitarna and said “Will all the Slendarrie be ok, you think?” She nodded and said “I think so, my kind are used to cold weather of this kind and will be digging in for this winter storm.” I then had all our transports equipped with skis and snow treads and every piece of our medical equipment that could be found, including the automed-units, made ready. We then made the large all-terrain vehicle ready to make a final sweep of the surrounding area.

As Flender and I headed out with Zaps at the wheel, the wind was already shaking the ATV. We made a sweep of the hills, then the forest and then all along the river, but nothing was stirring. Suddenly the winds grew more intense and it grew very cold, luckily the ATV’s heaters were working wonderfully. We started to make our way back to the ruins, when suddenly, I picked up a weak life form reading, almost dismissing it as noise. The snow started to fall heavily and I almost decided to leave, but something about it made me recheck it, boosting my sensors sensitivity and using my medical program.

I realized that the signal was waning quickly and something out there was about to die, if I didn‘t hurry. I guided Zaps quickly to the location, finding a fallen tree and as I jumped out and ran to the tree, I discovered an unconscious Kagonny buried under it. Flender saw it and growled fiercely, but I held my hand up and he stopped, looking at me puzzled. I scanned it and realized that it must had been trapped out here for hours in the extreme cold, as it was suffering from hypothermia. I started cutting the wood with the laser cutter in my left foreleg, trying to free it. Flender snarled and said “Why are you doing this, Micro, it a Kagonny, let it die.” I looked at him angrily and snapped back at him “It has as much right to live, as you or I, so help me or go back to the ATV and baste in your hatred.” and I continued to free the Kagonny.

He hesitated, but a moment and then began to help me remove the larger pieces of wood, dragging them out with his teeth. As soon as we had cleared the branches covering it, I began to examine it, taking great care not to move it yet. I sent a message to Zaps to bring me thermal heat blanket, the medical kit and a stretcher. I found a few broken bones and some internal injuries, but the hyperthermia was the most urgent thing that needed to be treated immediately. Zaps soon showed up bringing the things I needed and I quickly went to work on it, as the cold wind wiped around us.

I injected a blood warming agent into its bloodstream and laid out the thermal blanket. I then got Flender to help me gently pull the Kagonny into it, as he grumbled about the smell of it. I energized the blanket and then had Zaps help me lift the Kagonny into the stretcher. Flender was amazed, by me lifting its heavy body off the ground and into the stretcher saying “How can you lift that heavy Kagonny like that Micro.” I pointed to Zaps, as he started to pull the stretcher back to the ATV and said “Because inside, I am like him, a machine.” He looked at me confused and said “But your warm and alive and not at all like him.” Zaps looked at me and then back at Flender and said “Because he is also like you inside too.”

We placed the stretcher inside the ATV, as the snow began to fall harder and the wind blew stronger. Zaps then started to drive us back slowly, as I worked urgently on the Kagonny. I found out it was a young female about four seasons old. It was covered in soft thick white fur with black spots and black markings running down her back, the tips of her ears and the tips of her tail. Flender looked at her and said “She’s not from around here, most Kagonny around here are gray, yellow, red or tan.” I set her broken bones and placed mender units on them saying “Well where ever she’s from, we need to get her back to the installation quickly.”

As we moved slowly home, the wind buffeted the ATV hard and she moaned and stirred. I checked her out and her vital signs were quickly improving, but she wasn’t out of it yet. Her eyes fluttered, opened slowly and then open wide with fright, as she saw Flender. She began to quake and shrunk away from him, but I calmed her saying “Please don’t move, you have been injured badly and may hurt yourself more. We are here to help you, so don‘t be afraid.” She looked at me quizzically and then said “But his kind tried to kill me last night, as I wondered lost and alone thru the cold woods. Then a great winds wiped up strong and blew a big tree down on me and they left me for dead, laughing at me, as they walked away.”

I translated what she said and Flender lowered his head in shame saying “That wasn’t right, they should not have attacked her unprovoked and to laugh at a fallen foe is unheard of. They must have been rogue Cenchasy.” I then translated what he said back to her and she calmed and nodded back to him. I looked at her and said “What is your name and where are you from?” She starting to cry and said “I’m Sazzy, part of a northern Kagonny tribe. A huge winter storm came up from out of nowhere and separated a group of us from our clan. We lost our bearings in the storm and wandered lost for days, freezing half to death. The cold harsh winds began to slowly take them all one by one, until I was left all alone.”

She started to cry and laid back down sobbing deeply. I looked at Flender and translated what she had said and then said to Flender “I have to help Zaps, keep us on course. Look… I know how you feel about her kind and I understand. But could you please put that aside for now and watch her for me, she doesn’t need to be alone right now.” He looked at her sadly, tears starting to flow from his eyes and nodded saying “Sorry Micro, I was behaving like those rough Cenchasy back there, please forgive me. “ He then moved next to her and nuzzled her tenderly. She looked up at him in surprise, tears flowing down her cheeks and then nuzzled into his chest, cuddling into him.

Zaps was only slightly off track and I quickly got us back on track and soon found the vehicle entrance to our base. I sent the security code for the vehicle doors and they opened, letting us inside. Kitarna and Prism were there to meet us, as we got out of the ATV and then stopped, as we removed Sassy from it. They followed us, concerned, as with the help of some med bots, we quickly moved Sassy to the infirmary and place her in an automed-unit.

She soon was sleeping comfortably, as the automed began to work on her body. Flender sat by her, as she slept and said “I’ll stay by her, should she awaken, she should not be alone in a strange place like this, like you said, Micro.” I then smiled at him and put a translator around his neck and showed him how to use it. “I think you have learned much today my young friend, and thank you for the help.” He nodded and then sat there looking at Sassy sadly and said “I hope she will be ok.” I patted him on the shoulder and said “She’ll be fine with you to watch over her.”

I then turned to hug Kitarna and Prism and then Kitarna said “I’m so glad your back, this storm is getting much worse and I’m sure glad we’re in here. I just hope my people are ok, I’ve never seen anything like this storm before. If feels all wrong Micro and I’m afraid.” I looked into her blue eyes and saw genuine fear in them. I hugged her tightly and said “I’ll look into this and see what I can do if anything.” and we went back to our living quarters and then I suddenly fell asleep by her, totally exhausted.

I was suddenly back at the ruin, but they were whole again and seemed to be some sort of magical stone tower. I was surrounded by many mages, the greatest of these was a powerful grand mage that I was there to kill. The other mages held off barrages of my blaster bolts, while trying to hit me with their magical bolts of energy, as he cast his most powerful spell on me. My shields protected me from the bolts, easily absorbed them, but not the spell itself. I then moved out of my body and watched, as the spell’s magical energy tried to touch my body. I then somehow felt a great disturbance in time and space.

The spells magical energy then began to flow around my body instead, gaining momentum and glowing brighter and brighter. It then blasted back at them, killing everyone around my body, including the grand mage himself. My body glowed brightly for a moment and then went limp and it fell down a large well that I had been standing on. Then there was a large explosion caused by the time space disturbance that blasting everything around, including the well, the tower and the dead bodies, to smoldering rubble and ash.

I then seemed to be floating up into space, looking down at the planet and noticed the blast covering the whole planet. A great storm then formed in the northern region and began to slowly cover the planet, until no life existed at all on it. I suddenly realized this would soon happen and that I was the cause of this storm. I knew then, I needed to get back to the sight of the blast, before it was too late. All that I loved, Kitarna, Prism and my beloved friend Flender would be no more and all life on the planet itself would cease, because of me.

I suddenly awoke and felt Kitarna sleeping by my side and Prism cuddled up beside her and wept, knowing what I had to do. I got up quietly, as not to disturb them and went out of our quarters. I then quickly went to the big steel door and opened it, overriding the security codes, so as not to set off any alarms. The icy winds wiped at my little body, as I began to fight my way out into the deep bitter cold snow, closing the door behind me and saying “Good-by my loved ones, I do this to right a wrong and save all that is precious to me.” I then moved out on all fours and quickly ran to the ruin, boosting my endurance and speed, but the cold winds slashed through my body and it soon became numb.

My medical systems fought hard to keep my body going, but was slowly losing the battle. I then began to hallucinate or so I thought, as I saw many Cenchasy running with me and it gave me strength. But I soon was slowed to a crawl, as the very winds themselves seemed to start fighting me for every step. I began to weaken and started to cry, knowing I had fail my loved ones, my tears freezing on my cold wet face, as I fell down into the bitter cold snow. I then heard a familiar voice say “let me carry you Micro, most honored of Cenchasy.” and Prism’s father picked me up on his back and carried me the rest of the way. I soon found myself at the center of the ruin once more and the winds suddenly stopped. I again saw my enemies once more, with the grand mage at their lead, standing there before me.

This time I would not fight them, even if I could and would instead let them kill me, as it should have been. My systems were quickly failing and I slowly staggered up to the grand mage and fell at his feet. I grabbing him by his feet and cried out mournfully “Please, I beg of you kill me, enslave me or do what you will to me, but stop this storm from destroying the ones I love and their world!” The grand mage smiled at me, bending down and picking me up, hugging me, to my surprise and said “This storm was caused by my anger, at not having destroyed you, before my death, Micro-chip and can only be stopped by your death. But I see that my wish has done a wondrous and totally unlooked for thing.”

He then held me up, turning me around to look at the multitude of Cenchasy souls sitting there. The snow covered land was covered with them and they began to howl, singing together and I saw Prism’s father and mother, in the forefront. The grand mage said “They are all here in your defense. Never before have I witnessed so many souls pleading for the life of one living soul and I unwittingly created that living soul. But I must now test it and see if it is worthy of life, to save your world.” He then set me down gently and handed me a strange looking dagger and said “I ask you now, Micro-Chip will you give up your life for those you love and so save their world. If so plunge that dagger into your own heart now and show me your love for them.”

I cried knowing that I would never see my lovely Kitarna, beloved son Prism, best friend Flender or even Sazzy ever again and placed the dagger’s cold steel blade to my chest, for all of them. My systems then totally failed, my micro-viewer winking out and I plunged the dagger deep into my beating heart and seemed to fall forever. I could feel my life ebbing away onto the cold snow covered ground, as my last thoughts were of the ones I loved dearly and then all went white and then there was complete and utter darkness once more.

I suddenly opened my eyes and found myself in my bed with my forepaw around Kitarna’s warm soft body and Prism cuddled up against my back. I laid there, tears streaming down my face and wondered if it had all been just a dream. But I soon got a report that the storm was quickly dissipating and I touched the spot where I plunged the dagger, but found no marks. I checked my recorded data and found out everything I had experienced, had really happened to me. Everything was recorded, up to and including the time of my total system failure. But there was nothing about what had happened afterwards, until my systems came online and I awoke here.

“How did I get back here, and why is my body in perfect health and working condition, as if nothing had ever happened to me. I then heard the grand mage’s voice in my head saying “Because the dagger was magical, killing you and stopping the storm. It then transported your body, at the same time restoring it fully, at the place your soul wished to go the most. Go in peace, Micro-Chip, you are truly a worthy soul and may we meet again someday as friends.”

I then began kissing Kitarna profusely, until she finally awoke and said “What’s wrong Micro, what happened, why are you crying? “ I hugged her and said “Nothing is wrong my love, as long as I have you and Prism by my side. I love you both with all my heart.” and then I rolled over and nuzzled into Prism. He looked at me, tears in his eyes and said “I love you so very much daddy. Please don‘t ever leave me again.” I hugged him and held him tightly, realizing he had somehow felt my death and said “I will always be with you Prism, in here.” and touched his chest with my paw hand.

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