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I was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1958. My interest in art was first sparked by my Uncle John, who was a very good cartoonist, but who never published anything as far as I know. My uncle and me would sit for hours and doodle.

My first drawing was of a boat I drew in a school book when I got bored in class. Hey, I was only maybe 3 years old. I began drawing on paper when I was in grade school after my family moved to South Carolina, mostly things I could see like a water tower behind a house, things like that. When I was in High School I began drawing cars out of books and magazines. It was then I realized people liked my work. I got into doing creatures after seeing a picture of a tauntaun from Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back. Then I went on from there trying to make other creatures, Unicorns, dragons and some of my own creations. Near the end of High School I had my one and only art class for one semester.

I also, at this time, had an interest in electronics, something I also got from my uncle John. Art, I decided, was a hard field to get in and make money right away. So I joined the US Navy to make a career in the electronics field. During my time in the Navy I continued to draw getting better and better, at least other people said so. But I started getting more into electronics and the job then my art. During this time I met my one true love Robin Jeannette Holland and married her.

Then in 2001, after 20 years on the navy, I retired. By this time I had all but given up drawing. But in May 2001 I fractured my foot in a work related accident. Because of the accident I could not do the work I had been doing and so I was laid off in 2003. in 2004, my wife suggested that I start drawing again and maybe sell some of my artwork on Furbid. Later, after selling a bit of my art, I decided to try my own web site, and thus Furryhart was born.

This brings us to today. As of now I have a grand total of one semester of art class. I'm completely self taught and still fine tuning my skills, learning new tricks every day. "You will never get better if you think you are the best." This is what I live by.

I still haven't sold a lot of prints, but those who have bought them say they love my work. So at least I have a small but growing group of fans. I hope that you will join them someday. (:))

Thanks for reading my bio.

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Me the day I retired from the Navy.


Me retiring from the navy.
Me a few years later.

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