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Welcome to Furryhart Studio

Hi, all you furry and not so furry people! I'm Lonnie L. Evans also known as Furryhart, a furry or anthropomorphic artist and now writer. You can find me on FurAfinity, Deviant Art, and SoFurry. This is my personal web site containing some of my artwork, stories and other Furry related things for you to enjoy.

The art galleries are divided into two separate sections, my general rated artwork and my adult rated artwork. All artwork on this site was hand drawn and hand colored by me; no computer enhancements. All adult artwork is pleasant to look, but not lewd.

I have also recently started writing furry related stories and will be posting them here. Some of my stories contain content of a mature nature, but are not graphic, lewd and by no means porn. Most of my stories are Science Fiction and Fantasy, containing anthropomorphic and or mutated animal.

All artwork and stories on this site are original and was created and copyrighted by me. Use of any materials on this site, without my permission, is prohibited, but feel free to download them for your personal enjoyment though. (:))

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On June 22, 2022, my lovely wife and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. I have updated the page that I dedicated to her in 2004.

This page is and always will be a part of Furryhart Studio and after all this time, this is still her favorite part of my site.

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More NEW Pictures

I just uploaded 4 more

pictures to my General Art page. Come and check them out. I will be uploading more soon, so keep checking back. Thank you all so much for coming here.