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Welcome to the Furryhart Library

Welcome to the Furryhart Library. This is where you will find some of my stories and other writings of mine, for you to read and enjoy. You can download whole stories in word docx format, or read each of them on this site chapter by chapter; it's up to you. I hope you will read and enjoy them all and please, let me know what you think of them, by clicking on the email me button below.

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Most of my stories are works in progress and will be updated as I add more content. So please keep watching for more updates.


Micro-Chip was a cold and ruthless otter cyborg, who did the bidding of his evil master with unfeeling precision. But during a battle with a powerful grand mage, who he was sent to kill, he was struck down with an unfamiliar force called magic. He awakens all alone in the dark, not knowing who he is, what he was doing, or even who his master was. Now abandoned on an isolated forest planet, he suddenly finds himself having to deal with feelings he never had before. Come and follow Micro-Chip as he begins his new life.

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Raff and the Starship of Knowlegde

Raff is a chubby, bedraggled male morph racoon, who lives on a sleazy border world, on the edge of known space. He lives in an abandoned warehouse near a star port and survived day to day by rummaging through dumpster at night searching for food and thing he could fix up and sell. But all that changed one day, when he finds a little shiny metal sphere and soon finds himself on a quest to discover who he really is. Come follow Raff as he finds love and adventure in the stars.

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Thomas the Rat

Thomas is a golden brown rat, living in the city sewers near a small city park. He was orphaned soon after he was born, when his parents were killed by the humans. He somehow managed to survive in the cold deep dark of the sewers and soon discovers that he is different from the other rats in the sewers. He finds himself all alone and caught between two worlds, the dark world of the sewer rats, who all despise him for what he is and the bright world of the humans, who all want to kill him for what he is. Come and follow Thomas on his adventures, as he seeks to find a world of his own.

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Kalieth and Tasla

Tasla is a female humanoid wild dog who lives on the plains of Narda all alone. One night, while looking for a place to sleep for the night, she discovers a wounded male wolf mount, named Kalieth and tends to him. Little does she know that her life was about to change and her destiny was at hand. Come and follow the adventures of Kalieth and Tasla as they discover a bond stronger than life itself.

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