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The Resume of Lonnie L. Evans

Lonnie Louis Evans



I have retired after 20 years as a Electronics Technician for the Navy and held up to a secret clearance. I have worked on various equipment including:

  • Testing, tuning, repair and installation of meteorological equipment, including:
    • 3D weather radar
    • Weather satellite receivers.
    • Weather computer systems.
    • Remote weather stations.
    • Weather facsimile equipment.
  • Testing, tuning, repair, and installation of fixed, portable and mobile communication equipment, including:
    • HF, UHF and VHF receivers, transmitters, transceivers and repeaters.
    • Teletype and facsimile converters.
    • Antenna and communication patch panels.
    • Various antenna systems.
  • Testing, tuning and repair of portable test equipment, including:
    • Oscilloscopes.
    • Frequency, pulse and signal generators.
    • Differential, precision and digital voltmeters and ammeters.
  • Maintained a technical library, Including:
    • Customer service
    • Maintaining technical documents IE: technical manuals, drawings, technical specifications.
    • Inventory control
    • Organization of Technical Documents

Other experience in and outside the Navy includes:

  • I have maintained Unclassified to Secret technical resources. (I.E. technical manuals, drawings and specifications), and have done technical research and inventory control for a Navy SIMA technical library.
  • The ETA, through ECPI College of Technology has certified me as a fiber optic cable installer. Including installation of fiber optic cables, terminating fiber with epoxy or hot melt SC and ST connectors, and mechanical and fusion splicing. But I have little field Experience.
  • I held a Secret clearance through my previous employer Milcom Systems Corporation.
  • I have worked with HTML/XHTML and CSS style sheets designing my own website, Furryhart (THIS VERY SITE!!!), my personal artist website. I am currently studying to improve my web design skills.
  • I have been drawing since I was 10 years old. My art is displayed on various art sites such as Side 7, Fur Affinity and Deviant Art. I also have my own personal website as stated above.
  • I also have my own tools and am willing to use them on the job.


To find employment, as an electronics technician, in a growing company that has great benefits and chance for advancement.


  • Data processing equipment repairer (OES 85705)
  • Electronics mechanic (DOT 828.261-022)
  • Electronics repairer, commercial and industrial equipment (OES 85717)
  • Radio mechanic (DOT 823.261-018)
  • Radio mechanics (OES 85514)
  • Meteorological-equipment repairer (DOT 823.281-018)
  • Precision instrument repairer (OES 85905)
  • ETA fiber optic installer (FOIVA916)


  • 1981 Graduated from High School, Kingstree High School, Kingstree, SC.
  • 04/30/81 to 09/08/81 Basic Electricity and Electronics, Service School Command, Orlando, FL/Great Lakes, IL.
  • 10/05/81 to 05/07/82 Electronics Technicians Advanced Electronics Field/Marine Corps/Foreign, Class A1, Service School Command, Great Lakes, IL.
  • 02/03/88 to 06/07/88 Meteorological Equipment Maintenance, Class C1, Naval Detachment, Chanute AFB, IL.
  • 04/15/94 to 08/18/94 Meteorological Equipment Maintenance, Class C1, Technical Training Unit, Keesler AFB, MS.
  • 01/20/01 to 02/10/01 Fiber Optic Installer Certification, FOIVA916, ECPI / ETA


  • 03/01/09 to 03/01/10 Maintenance, Wal-mart, Eastman, Georgia, Phone:(478)274-7782 Duties: Keeping the store clean, including bathrooms, sales floor, storage rooms and parking lot; Doing small repair jobs; Covering other positions for lunch and breaks; Customer service.
  • 12/05 to 12/07 Sales, Stock, General Maintenance and Customer Service, Broadway Jewelers, Military Circle Mall, Norfolk, VA. 23502, Phone (757)459-2352
  • 10/03 to 02/04 Sales, Stock, and Customer Service, Suncoast Video store, Military Circle Mall, Norfolk VA. 23502 (Store Closed)
  • 05/13/01 to 05/16/03 Labor Helper, Milcom Systems Corporation, 532 Viking Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23452, Phone:(757)463-2800 Installation of CAT-5 and Fiber Optic cable and systems, inside and outside plant. Maintained and repaired power tools and inventoried and updated information for all tools using the companies tool data base.
  • 3/31/81 to 3/31/01 Electronics Technician 2nd Class, United States Navy. Repair of meteorological and communication equipment.

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